Increase service life, reduce disruption, and use resources wisely with NovaChip®/Paver Place Surface Treatment

NovaChip®/Paver Place Surface Treatment is an exclusive pavement process utilizing a self-priming paver that applies an ultra thin, gap-graded hot mix wearing course over a polymer-rich asphalt emulsion. This process rapidly secures the wearing course to the existing surface resulting in minimal traffic delays.

This pioneering paving process was developed in the late 1980’s and was first introduced to the United States in 1992. Now, NovaChip®/Paver Place Surface Treatment is extensively used throughout New York State.


NovaChip®/Paver Place Surface Treatment is an innovative process conducted by a specialized paving machine. First, a layer of polymer modified asphalt emulsion is sprayed onto the roadway. Within inches, a layer of ultrathin hot mix asphalt is applied. As the emulsion quickly cools, it permanently binds the asphalt to the pavement. Finally, a roller compacts the roadway and traffic can be reintroduced within 100 yards of compaction. There are three different gap-graded types of HMA that can be used.

Type A

Typically used for residential applications with light traffic counts.

Type B

Typically used in residential and metropolitan settings with moderate truck traffic. Type B is more durable than Type A.

Type C

The most common and durable mix. Can be used on heavy highways with high traffic count.

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