Cold Mix Pavement

Cold Mix Paving is a cost-effective alternative to hot mix paving.

The process requires mixing aggregate with asphalt emulsion, which is then applied to the roadway using a specialized paver. With the proper mix design, Cold Mix Paving can be used as a flexible top course, binder course, base course and shoulder backup. Common uses are as a binder or top course, using open or dense graded mixtures.


Cold Mix Paving is produced and applied using a specialized paver known as a Mix Paver, equipped with a fully automated screed. The aggregate is hauled to the mix paver, where it is mixed with emulsion and placed. The material is then compacted and opened to traffic.

Central plant mixing through a pugmill is an alternate method of producing cold mix. Blended material produced by a pugmill is hauled to the project site and placed using conventional paving equipment.

Value Added Benefits