Crack Seal

Crack Seal is amongst the most cost-effective pavement maintenance tools for asphalt and concrete pavements.

A bituminous product is applied to open cracks and joints in a roadway surface. This keeps water out of the pavement subbase which helps to provide long pavement service life.

Crack Seal should be used as soon as possible when normal cracking above 1/4 inch first appears in a paved surface.


Cracks are cleaned with a stream of high-pressure air. Using a double jacketed, pressurized crack sealing machine, one or two workers follow with wand like applicators directing the sealant into the opening of the crack and leaving an overband on either side of the crack. This overband should be no wider than 2.5 inches. Care must be taken to not to over fill, which can leave a slippery surface in driving lanes, curves or approaches to intersections. Traffic may resume after a mere 10 to 15 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

Value Added Benefits