Goal Zero

Zero Injuries

Our “Goal Zero” Safety culture is centered around our commitment to zero injuries and zero incidents.

Both the frequency and the severity of injuries are steadily diminishing, although significant improvements can and must be made upon current levels. This encouraging performance is due to the implementation of dedicated actions (job safety analysis, safety audits, site safety briefings, accident cause trees, inter-business safety challenges, dedicated prevention courses, etc.) and the dedication of over 300 prevention managers.

All of our employees are trained in first aid and CPR.

This exceptionally high level of commitment meets three objectives:

Our philosophy and practices cover the entire spectrum of health and safety in the workplace, and encompass issues related to working conditions in general, addictions (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), and psycho-social risks (stress, etc.)

Employee training

Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. prides itself on maintaining a properly trained workforce.

Year after year, we not only provide the mandated minimum amounts of safety training but also give our employees the chance to go above and beyond the training that is required.

We’re proud of the fact that nearly ALL of our workers have been trained in first aid and CPR by certified instructors.

We also offer our employees:

Our company-wide dedication to cultivating a safer work environment has proved invaluable over the course of the last several years. As a company, our rate of injuries per 100 workers has steadily declined as our focus on safety has increased. We are committed to continuing this trend going forward.