CSR at Lyons Terminal

The past few years, Midland Asphalt’s Lyons Terminal has been a leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR). From fishponds to a fully redesigned system of rail platforms, Midland is committed to ideals of sustainability and safety.

Our newly replaced tanks four and five feature six-inch insulation, as well as insulated floors, a first in the US. Additionally, the tanks feature freestanding stairs with a catwalk. This makes it easier for personnel to access the tops of the tanks, and, because the stairs are not attached to the tanks, reduces heat loss. Finally, anywhere equipment is directly attached to the tanks makes use of innovative heat sinks. All these efforts minimize heat loss by up to forty degrees, leading to significant savings and carbon reduction.

Our tanks thirty-two and forty-nine were also recently replaced. These modern tanks provide more efficiency over the dated tanks they replaced. A new scale was also constructed, changing the flow of traffic in the Terminal and reducing risk of collision.

When it comes to biodiversity, Lyons Terminal is committed to giving back. That’s why our property is home to two honeybee hives. These bees pollinate flowers around the area and provide us with delicious honey. We also seeded our fire pond with minnows to encourage a more diverse ecosystem.

Additionally, we created a new rail platform to make it easier for personnel to unload rail cars. Before, this task was hazardous and physically difficult. With the new platform, personnel no longer have to climb up the side of the railcar, making their task much safer and more efficient.

These projects were recently featured by our parent company Colas USA. Here’s a video discussing these improvements and why they’re so innovative:

Earlier this month, Colas CEO Frédéric Gardès and Colas USA CEO John Harrington stopped by for a tour of Lyons Terminal to see these improvements and innovations firsthand. We are so proud of the improvements made at this location to better align with our CSR initiatives, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to show Frédéric first-hand.