Pavement Preservation Solutions
For the Life of Your Roadways


State-of-the-Art Equipment & Facilities


“Goal-Zero” Safety Culture


The Right Treatment for the Right Roads at the Right Time


Protecting our Environment for the Future

Roadways need immediate maintenance & cost-sensitive solutions for repairing and preserving them.

This makes it imperative to find a dependable pavement preservation company that will provide innovative and quality solutions at the right price.

We Believe

Every community deserves to work with a reliable partner that will create safe and long-lasting roadways today and into the future.
 Smoother, Safer Roadways
Innovative Solutions for Longer Lasting Roadways
 Budget-Conscious Solutions
Maximize your maintenance dollars over time
 A Long-Lasting Partnership
Build a relationship that goes beyond each project
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Pavement Preservation Services

We Understand

You have limited resources to invest in your roadways and struggle with prioritizing repairs with long-term solutions.


We’ve built community relationships that go beyond every project.

We partner and strategize with our community leaders, resulting in long-term solutions for existing roadways.

Our Road Preservation Plan

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Tell Us About Your Project

Review your specifications & project goals.

Preserve Your Roads

Ensure your roadways are safe for today & the future.

For the Life of Your Roadways

We're Here for You

Avoid premature pavement failures & instead provide smoother, safer roadways that your community will enjoy for years to come.

Your road systems must be maintained, and finding safe and sustainable options to preserve and extend the pavement life to be budget friendly over time can be challenging.

At Midland Asphalt, we build community relationships that go beyond each project by giving intentional thought to existing roadways and budget concerns while prioritizing your pavement preservation solutions.